Version: 1.0  [ Download ]
Target: RC Helicopters, Simulator

  • FrSky Forus X10, might work on X12 (not tested)
  • OpenTX 2.2.2 or newer


Sometimes you may find yourself thinking

today I only fly inverted, because my inverted flying is so much worse than upright…


from now on I stop doing tail-down funnels and train the nose-down ones, cause I suck at those…

Yet you only remember this for 3 minutes. Then you keep flying what you’re most comfortable with and constantly increase the gap between what you’re good at and what you’re bad at.

Scream is here to help.

Just select maneuvers which you don’t want to fly and let Scream work. As soon as it detects such maneuver, it will let your radio scream, so you know you’re doing wrong.

This is meant to work both in simulator and reality. Both in training flights and these just for fun.

Supported maneuvers

At this time, Scream recognizes following maneuvers and / or situations:

  • upright / inverted flying
  • rudder left / right flying
  • stirring left / right
  • all circles (8 types)
  • all funnels (8 types)
  • pirouetting circles


You need to perform 4 steps:

  1. Install files to your radio
  2. Setup the mixing script
  3. Setup alarms in the radio
  4. Run Scream and select maneuvers

1. Install files to your radio

This is easy – just connect your radio and extract ZIP contents to the SD Card. You obviously know how to do this if you’re running OpenTX!

2. Setup the mixing script

  1. Go to Model Settings (long press MDL), than to Custom Scripts and find an empty spot.
  2. Select and enable Scream scripts there.
  3. If you want, you can assign an input to change between different Scream banks. Scream supports 3 banks, so a 3-position switch works well. For example SD.
  4. Done. As you see, the mixing script has 2 outputs. The first one changes value to +100 whenever Scream detects you making a forbidden maneuver. The other one shows you which bank is active.

3. Setup alarm in the radio

Here you can do whatever you want – make tour radio beep or vibrate when Scream detects you should change what you’re flying. You can even cut your throttle but I wouldn’t recommend that 🙂

You just need to configure your radio to do anything you want if “Scream” output is greater than 0.

Below is my configuration, which just causes radio to beep.

  1. A logical switch, which goes on whenever Screams tells it to do so:
  2. A special function, which beeps whenever the logical switch is engaged:

Please note, L01 in special functions matches L01 in logical switches.

4. Run Scream and select maneuvers

  1. Long press SYS and then find page with SD card contents.
  2. Find Scream folder, Scream.lua inside of it and execute:

  3. Select maneuvers, which you want to avoid. Changes are saved instantly.

You have 3 banks to use. If you have selected a switch in the mixing script, you will be able to switch banks with this switch.

Important: If you haven’t selected a switch, Scream will always use Bank 2, so make your settings there.

I use banks this way:

  1. Nothing selected. This makes Scream disabled if my SD switch is high.
  2. Some funnels and circles block. This makes Scream scream if I fly nose-down funnels which I got too good at.
  3. All upright flying blocked. 2 seconds after take off Scream will let me know I should go to inverted.


Just use it!

Any time you need to change configuration, just run Scream again. Mixing script will pickup the changes after you quit.